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At Oakfield, we offer GCSE Biology.  Some students are continuing with their science course at their original school, as part of their agreed timetable.



Our aim within the Art department is to build confidence within each student, so that they can explore a range of materials and develop their individual imaginative skills and reach their potential.  Our work covers clay, sculpture, painting, mod-roc and ceramic techniques.  All our students are entered for GCSE Art and Design and many of our students are able to complete a two year course in little over 2.5 terms.  Clearly, this is a massive achievement, more importantly however, is that our students find the subject challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.



The Maths course is a one or two year programme which follows the AQA specification units 1, 2 and 3 (Unit 1 Statistics and Number; Unit 2 Number and Algebra; Unit 3 Geometry and Algebra).  The course is more about the process skills and problem solving.



The English curriculum aims to educate the whole young person; to develop independence, the ability to understand our increasingly complex world and communication skills.

Year 11 students are preparing for the new style AQA GCSE English. They will sit one end of course exam this summer and take part in five new style  controlled assessments that replace the coursework component of the old syllabus.  The current year 10 are following the WJEC exam.  Some students will also be given the opportunity to take the Adult Literacy paper where appropriate.

All Oakfield students will study John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’ and Shakespeare's ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as well as a range of poetry and media texts.  Everyone has learnt how to communicate in both speech and in writing to the best of their ability and to choose the appropriate style for the task. Oakfield students will all work on developing their reading skills so that they can effectively communicate and respond to the world around them.

Students complete the English at Oakfield with a useful qualification and with confidence in themselves.


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Quote from one of our student's parents....

"We are so pleased and proud to be able to say our child has been educated at the Oakfield Project. This project truly goes above and beyond to educate children in their care and offer support to the whole family"




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"An alternative to mainstream school, where you can still get qualifications but without all of the daily obstacles that can make your school life difficult...."

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