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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are we different to other providers?

We are different to other education providers as we work with young people on an individual basis and help them to produce their own individual learning plan. We are driven by personal development and will encourage every young person to work towards The Duke of Edinburgh Award as well as other relevant qualifications appropriate to their career aspirations. We believe that learning should be fun, not target driven and that once young people are involved in planning their own future, attendance improves, confidence grows and the young person leaves us ready to take on the world.

How do we fit within The National Curriculum?

This will depend on the needs and personal circumstances of each individual learner. The majority of students are given a personalised timetabled which cover the whole week, however this may include college and work experience placements.

What subjects do we deliver?

We deliver a wide range of subjects, based around our own curriculum and working alongside The National Curriculum including Maths, English, Art, ICT, Career Planning, Personal Development, Citizenship, Sport, Seal, Outdoor Education.  As we have been commissioned by the schools, some students study other subjects within their own school environment.

What qualifications can young people achieve?

Qualifications include – Support with GCSE Maths, English, ICT, Art. Adult Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Key Skills, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, Sports Leader, First Aid, Basic Food Hygiene, and anything else that may be appropriate for that young person to make that leap into further education or apprenticeships.

What are our attendance rates?

The majority of our current cohort have achieved between 81-100%  attendance. Students enjoy being part of the project and as you can see this is reflected in our figures.  We even have students staying late after school as they enjoy the relaxed and non-threatening environment.

Do we have official policies & procedures?

We have a whole range of policies, procedures, risk assessments and evidence file of work that we have done. All of our staff are fully qualified, receive on-going in house and external training, are CRB checked.

Are we adequately insured?

Absolutely, we are fully insured and also ensure that any work placement or activity provider that we may use for The Duke of Edinburgh award is also fully covered.


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"We are so pleased and proud to be able to say our child has been educated at the Oakfield Project. This project truly goes above and beyond to educate children in their care and offer support to the whole family"




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Oakfield Project

"An alternative to mainstream school, where you can still get qualifications but without all of the daily obstacles that can make your school life difficult...."

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