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The Oakfield Project is an alternative education provision that was formed in 2011 funded and supported by six schools within Swindon (Churchfields Academy, Commonweal School, Dorcan Technology College, Lydiard Park Acadamy, St Joseph's Catholic College and Nova Hreod College) and in partnership with the Local Authority.  Oakfield was previously known as the Youth Education Project which began in the academic year 2008/09, both were set up and planned  for the students to benefit from both academic, (formal learning) GCSE curriculum and (informal learning) to develop an alternative educational provision.

It is a partnership between education and youth service using both methodologies and approaches from both the teaching staff and youth work staff; to blend within an agreed framework, curriculum and approach; an approach aimed towards working in a professional and beneficial way with disengaged students who are at risk of permanent exclusion from mainstream school and potential disengagement from society as a whole.

Quote from Ruth Chivers, Parent Liaison Advisor, St Joseph's Catholic College - "The calm atmosphere was the first thing I was aware of with the students all happy to be here. How lucky the students are to have you"

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Quote from one of our student's parents....

"We are so pleased and proud to be able to say our child has been educated at the Oakfield Project. This project truly goes above and beyond to educate children in their care and offer support to the whole family"




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Oakfield Project

"An alternative to mainstream school, where you can still get qualifications but without all of the daily obstacles that can make your school life difficult...."

Everyone deserves a second opportunity!



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