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We are lucky here at the Oakfield Project as we have a very good group of  ‘friends’. The Friends of Oakfield group are made up of parents and guardians of our students, past and present; a number of local businesses and local clubs.

Friends of Oakfield regularly hold events so that they can promote awareness of the project and also raise funds for specific ventures such as whole school residential to Devon – something that we try to achieve every  year as this promotes bonding within the project.

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Quote from one of our student's parents....

"We are so pleased and proud to be able to say our child has been educated at the Oakfield Project. This project truly goes above and beyond to educate children in their care and offer support to the whole family"




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Oakfield Project

"An alternative to mainstream school, where you can still get qualifications but without all of the daily obstacles that can make your school life difficult...."

Everyone deserves a second opportunity!



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