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We recognise our responsibility to our students continues even after they leave us. Over the past two years the Oakfield Project has been involved in the transition strand of the Borough's RPA work. Our involvement was based upo a commitment to the raising of the participation age in principle and upon a belief that working alongside the borough would enable us to develop or own understanding and improve our systems. 


Oakfield have been proud to act as a championing school for the last two academic years, helping their own students and in addition other students who are also studying in alternative provisions.




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Quote from one of our student's parents....

"We are so pleased and proud to be able to say our child has been educated at the Oakfield Project. This project truly goes above and beyond to educate children in their care and offer support to the whole family"




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Oakfield Project

"An alternative to mainstream school, where you can still get qualifications but without all of the daily obstacles that can make your school life difficult...."

Everyone deserves a second opportunity!



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